Iconic London hotel installs Lancashire firm's safety equipment

Claridges, the iconic luxury hotel in Mayfair London, has installed state of the art gas safety equipment in its kitchens to ensure the health and safety of its staff and guests.

Claridges externalWorking with Gazelle Ventures, the venue has installed two 11/4” Banic solenoid gas valves together with CT1200s gas panel interlocks in both the banqueting and the pause restaurant kitchens. These were manufactured and supplied by Chorley-based S&S Northern.

Gas ventilation and interlock systems allow the safe running of a commercial kitchen complying with industry standards BS6173 and TB140. Gas ventilation and interlock systems ensure that a commercial kitchen’s ventilation system is working before the gas in the kitchen is turned on in order to prevent a build-up of potentially poisonous gas combustion fumes which are harmful to the health of kitchen staff and customers.

Steve McMahon, managing director of S&S Northern, said: “We are delighted that S&S Northern’s products have been chosen by Claridges and that our colleagues at Gazelle Ventures recommended us.”

Brian Clemow, managing director of Gazelle Ventures, said: “Claridges is all about providing excellent service to all its customers. This project was quite complex as it required re-configuring the gas supply for two kitchens to minimise down time should there be an issue with gas control to one of the kitchens. "Claridges expect excellent service from their suppliers so we therefore had no hesitation in recommending S&S Northern as we know the company always offers the best in customer service and excellent quality products."