Iced launches Porter Lancastrian's website

Iced is delighted to announce the launch of Porter Lancastrian’s new website.

Iced has worked hard to design, build and produce a responsive CMS website that it believes is excellent. Unlike Porta’s previous website, the website can now be viewed on all mobile, tablet and computer devices.

"We are also very delighted to announce the launch of our new website," said Andrew Brown of Porter Lancastrian.

"We wanted to stay in touch with the latest styles and techniques and we feel we now have that with what Iced Graphics have given us. We can now showcase our standard, custom and bespoke font options, and the website can be viewed on all devices. We are extremely delighted." Kev Hoyle of Iced Graphics said: "We will continue to work with Porta so that the site can continue to grow. The site is clean, user friendly and has a ‘Responsive’ system that allows all devices to view it irrelevant of their resolution."