HR and employment law clinic: Make employment law work for you

Employment law is a minefield. How many times have you heard that? Quite simply, it’s not true.

Jonathan-HoldenBy Jonathan Holden, head of employment, Forbes Solicitors.

Yes, it can be tricky at times; but employers that treat people with reasonableness and objectivity will go a long way towards avoiding problems.

Employment law can work for your business provided managers and leaders understand that employment law is a tool to be used rather than a tool to be scared of.

It is often said that employment law is stacked in employee’s favour and in certain circumstances this can be true but in many cases this simply isn’t the case.

Take an Unfair Dismissal case – the test that an employer has to prove to successfully defend an Unfair Dismissal case is very low indeed.

We are often asked how to help businesses save money. Our normal answer is to make sure that a sickness absence is managed properly. The key to utilising employment law for your business is to identify the areas in which this can enable you to make efficiencies within its parameters. It’s about reducing the fear factor in the organisation; involving managers and leaders embracing employment law and its principles and making sure that this works in the best way in order to drive productivity and create efficiencies.

A short article like this is no place to give detailed advice; but remember in its purest form, employment law boils down to three very simple points.
  1. The employer pays the employee money;
  2. In return they do the things they are asked to do;
  3. Done in the way they are asked to do them.
Missing out on any of those things causes problems. Always pay your employees; always make sure your employees are doing what’s asked of them; and always always make sure they clearly understand the rules and what you expect of them. It really can be as simple as that.