How to assess your business security needs

Running your own business often means having a long ‘to-do’ list but reviewing your business security needs is a task worth moving to the top. Your business is your livelihood, so it’s important to protect it. To assess your security needs, consider the following…

Your property

Think about your property. Is it as secure as it could be? If you carry a large amount of stock, could it be a target for thieves? 

CCTV cameras can make a difference, and you should always make sure your alarm is in good working order, but are there other services you could make use of? Mobile patrols, for example, are randomly-timed foot patrols that can add an extra layer of security to your business by warding off unwanted visitors, day or night. 

Your people

Do you operate changing shift patterns or have regular couriers delivering stock who need access to your premises? Do you have employees who hold keys to provide access or attend alarm activations out of hours? Rather than asking them to take keys home, consider using a key holding service. 

A key holder will store a set of your keys securely, releasing them only as you’ve instructed. They can provide lock and unlock services, arrange access for deliveries and contractors, or simply deliver a spare set of keys to your business premises should you forget yours. 

You may also want to consider combining key holding with an alarm response service to take unnecessary stress away from your employees, giving them the work/life balance they deserve.

Your time

Handling the day-to-day running of your business alongside managing security can be a challenge. Enlisting the help of a professional security services provider is a great way to free up your time to focus on what you do best - running your business. 

Look for a provider who knows Lancashire inside-out. Local knowledge will often mean faster response times, giving you confidence that they will deal quickly and professionally with any situation that may arise.