How office cleaning helps to improve your business

In addition to minimising the risk of illness amongst your team, keeping your working environment clean and tidy offers a host of other benefits. 

Whilst office cleaning may not be something you’ve previously invested in, here are just some of the reasons you might consider setting aside some of your monthly budget for a commercial cleaning team. 

Keep staff happy 

A tidy space is a tidy mind, as the saying goes - and it’s true! Keeping a clean, tidy and organised workspace has been shown to have a direct, positive impact on team productivity, not to mention mental health and overall job satisfaction. 

Providing a comfortable space for your team to work in is one of the key things potential employees look for when considering job opportunities, and it can also improve team morale and contribute to general happiness and wellbeing. 

Keep staff healthy 

Cleaning your workplace on a regular basis will reduce the amount of potentially harmful bacteria lurking around on surfaces. Reduced bacteria = reduced risk of illness spreading around the office, therefore leading to a reduced number of sick days needing to be taken by your team. It’s a win-win…win! 

Make good first impressions 

The first impression tends to be the one that sticks, and potential clients or new employees aren’t going to be impressed by an untidy and unhygienic work environment. For most potential customers, how you keep your workplace will be a reflection of how you manage your work - if the space is unorganised, with paperwork everywhere and old coffee cups lying around, they’re likely to assume that you’ll take just as much pride in the way you carry out your work. 

Things to look out for - germ hotspots in the office 

Whilst keeping on top of things with general cleaning is always a good idea, there are a number of hotspots around the office that you may wish to pay special attention to, including: 

Cleaning equipment 

It may seem a little paradoxical, but the equipment you use to clean and wipe down surfaces can often harbour harmful bacteria! 

Keyboard, mouse, personal devices 

Your keyboard, mouse, and phone are all tools that you will use regularly and for long periods of time throughout the working day, and they each hold thousands of microorganisms and bacteria that could be harmful. 

Pens and pencils 

Stationery spends time lying around on desks and office surfaces and being passed between coworkers, so you should definitely consider sanitising your stationery on a regular basis. 

Floor surfaces 

Regularly sweeping and mopping floors will ensure any bacteria brought in from outside is removed, whilst also reducing the risk of slips and trips. 

High-contact touch points 

Think office door handles, access buttons, lift buttons, and any other surfaces around the office that are touched frequently by a number of different people. 

Why hire a commercial cleaner? 

If you run a successful business, the chances are that your daily to-do list will be as long as your arm. As a result, office cleaning is usually the task which ends up falling to the bottom of the list. 

Even with a team of staff, it’s not always easy to delegate cleaning tasks, as many may not consider cleaning duties to fall under the remit of their role. It’s also worth noting that, like you, your staff are busy, and may not be able to find the time in their hectic schedule to clean the office, or it might make more financial sense for them to spend their time on the tasks that generate revenue for the business.  

Working alongside a commercial cleaning company such as Cleanbright will help to lighten your workload, whilst ensuring that all cleaning tasks are carried out to the highest standard on a regular basis.

Why choose Cleanbright? 

With over 40 years of experience in providing comprehensive cleaning services for offices in Lancashire, our team is efficient, reliable, well practised, and passionate about delivering an excellent service to all of our clients. 

Ready to invest in improving the hygiene of your workplace, and the health of your team? Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote!