How much difference does a good brand identity really make?

It’s a fair question. Investing in a new look for your brand can be expensive, especially if you want to offer consistency across your materials - from your website and stationery, through to your signage and advertising.

Charlie_hotfoot (60)

By Charlie Haywood, creative director, Hotfoot Design

You could certainly make the case that other things are more important - from the price of your goods to the quality of your services.

And if you’re just starting out with a new venture there are definitely other things to get right first. Winning your first customers and fine-tuning your sales strategy, for example. A good logo can’t save a bad business model.

But when you have the basics right. When you’re established, and looking to grow. When you’re keen to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and convey the edge you know your company offers, that’s when taking a new look at your old identity makes most sense.

Studies show we make judgements based on almost imperceptible details. At Hotfoot we call it the last 10 per cent - the little things you do at the end of a project that add up to make a big difference.

Psychologists have found we use the same mental processes to attribute values to trademarks, as we do to faces, such as trustworthiness, care, strength or assertiveness. Changing a stale brand identity to one that’s distinctive, versatile and consistent, increases the perceived value of products and services. And that can dramatically increase engagement and sales.