How easy is it to change my web host?

Switching web host provider is not as difficult as you may imagine…

By Jamie Hoyles, Clook Internet account manager

It’s not uncommon for a web host to offer cheap introductory deals to entice a customer to their hosting and once the initial deal has ended, increase the annual price steeply. During those first 12 months customers will have built their website, set up email addresses and, created databases, etc.

It may seem that moving to another, possibly cheaper host will be time consuming, difficult and incur downtime but the reality is it is usually fairly simple and in most instances the migration will be handled on your behalf meaning the users input is minimal.

There is no need to be stuck with a provider with poor customer service, or one who does not provide adequate technical support/has large amounts of downtime.

At Clook, we provide migrations free of charge for incoming clients, taking away the stress and worry that something may go wrong if you were to handle this process yourself. Entire accounts can be transferred, including websites, eCommerce stores, email, SSL certificates and databases. Website moves can be taken care of out of hours meaning disruption is negligible.

We have encountered users previously worried that a change of web host can be detrimental to search engine performance. This is nothing to be concerned about – no changes are made to site structure and if moving away from a web host that runs old, outdated hardware, a change to a quicker host may see page load times increase slightly – a positive ranking factor with Google.

You may also wish to transfer your domain when switching host. Again this is a simple process – a ‘dot uk’ domain can be moved within minutes, .coms, .nets, etc take longer – a transfer authorisation code is needed from the existing host and is submitted with the transfer request. It can take a few days for it to be finalised but again, it’s an easy thing to do. Many people may feel trapped or tied down to their existing web host but the reality is those shackles can be can easily be unlocked.