How a recruitment agency can help find your best fit

We are in a candidate-driven jobs market right now, which means that jobseekers - including your ideal candidate - have options open to them and that businesses must compete to recruit them.

While some organisations will choose to post their own job ad in the local paper, social media pages or online jobs boards, there are many advantages to hiring an agency to help you find the right candidate for your vacancy.

Recruitment can be a costly process, even more so if you make a mistake and hire the wrong candidate. Many businesses find that hiring expert help actually saves time, money and stress.

Starting with the job spec, a good recruitment agency will know the right language to use to appeal to the right candidate.

If you work with an agency which has prior experience of placing candidates in your area and in your industry, they will be able to help you decide the remuneration package, including a competitive salary, benefits and so on.

Experience also helps us sort the good from the bad. So many times, the individual who turns up for the interview is unrecognisable from the CV they submitted. We can help pre-screen and pre-interview to ensure that you’re only dealing with top quality candidates.

And what makes a candidate ‘right’ for you goes beyond their credentials. By building an ongoing relationship with an agency, they will learn your values, the personalities of your team, and be able to find candidates that will be a good fit within your existing team.

By working in partnership with an agency, you can attract the best candidates, make the right hire, and save time and money.

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