Hospitality Hotspots: The Scottish Isles

As Scotland looks forward to the easing of major Covid-19 restrictions in the coming weeks, Bruce & Co continue to see a surge in enquiries and interest for the licensed and leisure sector. In the first part of our new series, we highlight some of Scotland’s most popular hospitality hotspots and what draws interest to these locations.

Scotland has over 900 offshore islands surrounding the country. The islands are divided into four main groups: Shetland isles, Orkney isles, and the Inner and Outer Hebrides. At Bruce & Co, we have witnessed significant interest in businesses located in the Scottish Isles including the Inner Hebrides, consisting of the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Mull and the Isle of Bute, amongst 76 other islands. The chain of islands are located off of the West Coast of Scotland and have excellent transport links throughout, with the ability to travel via train, car and ferry.

Isle of Bute

Located just a short drive from the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Isle of Bute is steeped in history with ancient castles and war remains. Rothesay Castle was first built in the 13th century and was the site of several royal battles. Located nearby is Scalpsie Bay, a red-sanded beach that was once used for military purposes during the Second World War.

The Isle of Bute has ample offerings to walkers, with the West Island Way walk stretching the entire 25 miles of the island with picturesque views of the coast and neighbouring isles.

Business interest levels are rising for opportunities on the Isle of Bute. At Bruce & Co, we have a variety of businesses on the market. The Cuilfail Hotel, an excellent 19th-century accommodation provider, is currently on the market, as is the authentic seafood restaurant The Samphire Restaurant.

Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull, also known as ‘Eagle Island’ due to its high density of nesting golden eagles, is home to some of Scotland’s best beauty spots. Mackinnon’s Cave, a popular tourist spot, is immersed in history and provides stunning coastal scenery to visitors. Calgary Bay is one of Mull’s famous white sand beaches with stunningly clear waters.

The most notable spot on the island is the capital Tobermory, widely known from the children’s TV show ‘Balamory’. The town of Tobermory has various activities and sites for visitors to embrace – including the famous multi-coloured houses on the bay.

Tobermory Distillery, located on the tranquil harbour, has been producing single malt whiskey for over 200 years, making it one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. Tobermory is also home to many breathtaking beaches along the island.

Bruce & Co have several businesses for sale within the Isle of Mull, including Carnaburg Guest House; a tasteful, award-winning 7-bed guest house with excellent views over the harbour.

Bruce & Co have other confidential businesses within the Scottish Isles. Project Harley, an award-winning hotel based in the Isles, includes two adjoining bars and has successfully operated for over 100 years.

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