Home is where the heart is

Providing outstanding local people to great local businesses, here at Cummins Mellor we know that Lancashire has a lot to offer. But what can local businesses do to promote this fact?

helen-jacksonBy Helen Jackson, head of recruitment, Cummins Mellor Recruitment.

Whilst looking to recruit for graduate positions, a question we’re constantly asked by clients is; “Where is all the local talent going?”

The Corporate Treadmill

The truth is, the majority of graduates think Lancashire has nothing to offer them and move to large cities to build a career. A great plan, until they grow tired of the corporate treadmill, the gruelling commute becomes too much and the monotony of ever increasing targets begin to take their toll.

Our aim is to inform these people that everything they seek in a career is right here on their doorstep and in fact, has been all along.

The Solution

Like many other companies in Lancashire, Cummins Mellor have a Graduate Scheme, providing ‘on the job’ training and professional qualifications to rival any inner city corporation.

The reality is, you can build a sustainable and successful career locally, earning the same salary and enjoying more flexibility. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, home is where the heart is…along with a great career!