Hitting the audience bullseye with video production

Pinpointing your audience is one of the most useful parts of any marketing plan or video pre-production. Getting it right provides a template for the message, style and most importanly content. We always ask our clients a lot of questions about why they want a video, what is the story we need to tell and vitally, who is the story aimed at. Whilst it would be great if we could create content that is absolutely relevant to everyone on the planet, that’s just not possible as we all want, like and do different things.  

That’s why the most effective video content is that which strikes at the heart of a viewer and the message within it feels like it was created just for them. Using the analogy of archery, the archer is of course looking to hit a target but first you have to decide which shooting range to fire from. In other words, what industry are we looking to appeal to i.e aviation, the legal sector, automotive etc.

Once we arrive at the range, we then look at which target are we going to aim for, and for this, visualize the challenge that the chosen industry might have and one that carefully crafted video content will absolutely be a great solution for. And finally, once we aim at the target, see the bullseye as the individual who we want to appeal to who will act positively once they have seen your content such as a marketing manager, HR director or key commercial decision-maker in a business.

Essentially, before you start creating any content, be disciplined in finding out who the content is for, how they will receive it and vitally, what you want them to do once they have seen your content. It’s only then that you can look at what content will be right to ensure you hit the bullseye every time.