HGS aims to create 200 new jobs at Preston base


Hinduja Global Solution Ltd is to create more than 200 new jobs at its Preston base, the company has announced today.

The business process management company, which created 500 jobs in the area with an expansion last year, is holding a recruitment fair for potential workers as it looks to fill 237 permanent and temporary customer service representative positions.

The fair will take place today (Thur) from 5 to 7pm at HGS's Winckley House HQ in Preston.

HGS' senior recruitment manager Corinne-Yvonne Standring said: "We value the support we get from the Preston, Selkirk and Chiswick communities and look forward to continue making a positive impact on their local economies but the addition of more career opportunities for qualified residents in these areas." Applicants interested in going to the event or being encouraged to bring a CV or apply online at www.joinhgs.com