Heskins updates American online operations

Heskins has had a physical presence in America since 2004, with its sister company, NonSlip Tapes LLC, as a base of operations for America, Canada and beyond.

Now renamed to Heskins LLC, Heskins decided that it was a good time to give the website, antisliptapeshop.com a much-needed makeover, updating it to improve the usability as well as the overall look of the site.

With a modern, responsive design and a lot of clutter removed, a streamlined, efficient and more user-friendly website has been born, allowing straight-forward navigation, with an optimal checkout process with details of the customers from the previous site carried over, so they can continue shopping without having to re-register. An express checkout feature has been added for people who do not choose to register, speeding up the process further.

The new responsive design ensures that no matter what device the site is being viewed on, be it desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, you can be safe in the knowledge that the experience will be tailored to that device, guaranteeing optimal performance and user experience. There is also a blog to inform customers of new products, along with their innovations, industry updates, helpful tips and general business news.