Heskins adds to its range

Heskins has added a new colour to its coarse resilient anti slip tape - a popular non abrasive anti slip material.

One of Heskins specialities is bespoke production for businesses, and if products have enough demand, they are manufactured en-masse for the off-the-shelf sale. Blue coarse resilient anti slip tape is the next in line.

Coarse resilient anti slip tape is created by using micro blowing, an embossing technique which is performed while the material is still molten, creating deep troughs and valleys to create a Coefficient of Friction that rivals Heskins abrasive Safety Grip anti slip tape.

The demand for coarse resilient in blue began when Heskins Safety Grip anti slip tape was spotted on the racing yacht of the Mundo Marino team at the Platu 25 in 2012. Their feedback was paramount to the interest generated and people also enquired about the availability of other Heskins materials in the colour too, and coarse resilient got an additional blue material in the process.

Coarse resilient is non abrasive, so will not harm bare skin and is also waterproof, which means its application is perfect in wet areas. Like most Heskins products, it can be applied almost anywhere, now in a fetching shade of blue. If you wish to place an order, or just want to make a preliminary enquiry, then you can do so via phone, email or visit the site and speak to a representative immediately.