Hedley & Co expands services as it looks to the future

For nearly 30 years, Hedley & Co has operated successfully as a stockbroker, helping a growing number of private clients initially around Lancashire and increasingly across the whole of the UK to build and manage their portfolios.

Now, as the Blackburn-based firm prepares to enter its fourth decade of trading, it offers an expanded array of services, helping clients in a variety of ways to devise longer-term wealth management plans.

The stockbroking which has been at the core of the company’s services to date, and which helped put Hedley & Co on the map, will continue.

Hedley & Company Stockbrokers Ltd remains a member of the London Stock Exchange and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

But now individuals, as well as organisations such as limited companies and charities, can turn to the firm’s experts for advice and guidance on building wealth, managing it effectively and, when the time comes, passing it on in a tax-efficient manner.

The company will trade under a new trading name to reflect this broader offering and is now known as Hedley & Co Stockbrokers and Wealth Managers.

The leadership team remains the same, with co-founder Nick Baldwin overseeing day-to-day activities alongside Tim Scott. Fellow co-founder Tony Hedley and Ian Currie complete the board of directors, contributing in a non-executive capacity

We offer competitive rates and strong investment performance, combined with a personal service and lower barriers to entry

Charlie Higham, investment manager at Hedley & Co, says: “We are at an exciting point in the history of this company. We have been offering wider wealth management services for some time and it has become a popular and important part of what we do.

“However, we had built up such a strong reputation as a stockbroker that this was overshadowing the rest of our offering, and so by trading under this new trading name we will raise awareness both to those who are already familiar with our brand, and others who are engaging with us for the first time, of the many ways in which we can help our clients with their finances.”

The full range of services includes stockbroking, investment management, specialist IHT portfolio services, pensions investments, stocks and shares ISAs and exchange traded options.

Hedley & Co’s client base is as comprehensive as their offering, with the firm regularly working with private individuals and families, limited company structures, charities and third sector organisations, Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) and Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) accounts, whilst also managing trusts and providing ISA services for stocks and shares.

Charlie adds: “We aim to stand out from our competitors by offering competitive rates and suitable long term strong investment performance, combined with a personal service with lower barriers to entry than a number of larger firms.

“Many people feel as though they need to have amassed huge fortunes before they can contact a firm such as ours and ask for advice - and maybe for some firms that is true - but we are happy to work with anybody who is thinking seriously about their financial future.

“We don’t screen our clients by demanding high minimum investments. So long as the client can withstand the risks involved and we can offer a cost-effective service, we welcome all enquiries.”

Hedley & Co is now offering face-to-face meetings at its offices in Blackburn and Preston, or by appointment, in Haydock.

Blackburn: 01254 699333 Preston: 01772 887880 Haydock: 01942 722784