Healthcare housing and the private investment sector

For some time now, I have been acutely aware that one of the main difficulties facing healthcare companies, that utilise accommodation in various shapes and sizes in order to provide their services, is actually finding that accommodation.

By Tina Walsh, Sanctuary Property Sourcing

Whether the company is small or large, in order to grow they need to source suitable, appropriate, quality housing; this could be mid to long term leasing or the purchase of anything from a small terraced property to a development site on which to build 100 one-bedroom apartments.

Because of my experience and contacts not only within the healthcare sector but also property investment, I decided to look at bringing these two sectors together; a project to make available, quality properties for use within the healthcare sector, for either mid to long term lease or purchase; from terraced to large detached properties, small to large development sites.

What are the benefits?

Landlords Guaranteed rents on mid to long term leases (Circa: 2-15 years) No voids No maintenance costs No monthly management fees

Healthcare Companies Access to currently available, quality accommodation UK wide Access to development sites to suit your current & future growth requirements Mid to Long term leases for ensuring continuity of care Landlords & investors eager to work and support your sector

Property Investors Opportunities to purchase and lease existing properties to the healthcare sector Opportunities to purchase, build and lease, purpose built apartments or other accommodation Opportunities to provide quality accommodation to the healthcare sector Opportunities to help vulnerable members of our communities UK wide

I have had an amazing response from both sectors and continue to work with companies, landlords & property investors UK wide to develop this service. If you would like further information with regard to this project please drop me an email at: