Harrison Drury benefits from international alliance

A Lancashire commercial law firm is helping clients open up international trade opportunities and manage overseas legal disputes thanks to its membership of a global professional alliance.

Harrison Drury solicitors, which has offices in Preston and Garstang, has witnessed an increase in enquiries from UK businesses with operations in foreign jurisdictions since it joined The Alliott Group earlier this year.

So far, Harrison Drury has used its international connections to advise a business on a trademark dispute in China, liaised with a law firm in Singapore on behalf of a UK client, linked up with an Italian firm regarding a property dispute, and had contact with a firm in India regarding a possible joint venture, among others.

John Chesworth, managing partner of Harrison Drury, said: “As more businesses seek growth opportunities in overseas territories, they need to know they can deal with any legal issues arising ‘on the ground’ in these foreign jurisdictions. Our membership of the Alliott Group has given us access to quality professional firms across the globe, meaning we are better placed to help our clients achieve their goals.”

As well as being able to refer clients to partner firms abroad, Harrison Drury’s membership of the Alliott Group also allows the firm to advise overseas businesses that need legal support in the UK.

The Alliott Group has more than 180 member firms, including law, accountancy and consulting businesses, in over 80 countries. The network extends throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific with 214 offices.

Founded in 1979, the network brings together quality local firms that want to maintain their independence but recognise the benefit of being able to link up with like-minded professionals in most major markets of the world. Each member firm undergoes a thorough screening process on application, including a review of the firm's latest peer review or an on-site visit. Each member firm is assessed throughout its membership to ensure it continues to meet all Alliott Group criteria.