Happy releases recruitment potential

Untapped Potential is a recruitment specialist with a better way of finding the people your organisation needs. And Happy Creative has a better way of finding the untapped potential in its latest client’s branding.

See what happens when you take the time to find the perfect match?

Interviewing to fill your vacant post doesn’t always work. At least, not as well as you think it should. That’s because people are wise to the interview process. They know how to say all the right things. Unfortunately, it’s only when they’re in post you realise they’re not all the interview suggested.

Untapped Potential does things differently. It takes time to challenge its candidates, taking them through a day of exercises so they don’t have to tell you how good they are; they can show you.

Peter Hills is the founder of Untapped Potential and a chairman of the Academy for Chief Executives. Recently, he’s been looking for a candidate of a different sort: a North West branding agency that can match a novel idea with a novel approach to marketing it. He chose Happy.

“The branding ideas presented by Happy went beyond our expectations. They showed great insight. They really understood our company and the way we do things.”

Happy specialises in the sort of branding and marketing that helps a company differentiate itself. We’ll be working with Untapped Potential to refresh the website, brand materials and logo. The new brand will be launched on the company’s fifth birthday, when some of that untapped marketing potential will start being well and truly, well… tapped.