Happy makes branding The Tax Farm less taxing

Blackpool-based creative and marketing agency Happy Creative has partnered with The Tax Farm, an innovative new digital accountancy business.

The Tax Farm, a new Preston-based business is helping self-employed small business owners to harness the latest technologies for effective bookkeeping and accountancy.

Owner and founder, John Thorburn, realised that while the corporates get lots of smart tech and innovation to help complete their tax returns, self-employed, small business owners rarely do. So he decided to do something about it.  

The accountancy service understands the sole traders, SMEs and landlords who are the core of The Tax Farm’s business.

John appointed Happy Creative as his marketing partner to create a brand, build awareness and generate leads.

“I had an idea to do accountancy differently,” explains John, “but I found it tricky to visualise that.  Happy have taken what was in my head and made it a reality – and I’m so happy with the results and the process. From the very start, developing the brand and working with the team has felt so easy.”

“The branding is edgy, and I love the imagery they have used. It shouts 'difference' and reflects my love of music.  The language is direct and conversational, designed to appeal to the target audience without the formality you’ll typically find on financial sites.”

Chief Happy, Karen Lambert says: “It’s always an honour to be trusted to help someone create a business from scratch.

“You have the benefit of starting with a clean sheet of paper, but that also creates the challenge of being the first to articulate an idea. I think The Tax Farm demonstrates our ability to take an unconventional business idea and turn it into a brand that really works.”