Greenlite Group offers free LED lighting audits to SMEs

A recent survey shows that lighting upgrades are the leading technology choice for organisations implementing energy efficiency: over 70% of respondents had commissioned such a project.

The latest LED technology offers a fast return on investment, reduced maintenance costs and can vastly improve the look and feel of a space.

So, how can a lighting audit help?

For businesses the start of their efficiency journey begins with a review of their current energy usage. Many aren’t aware of their true energy spend and could be missing out on some serious savings that some small changes could make.

A quality lighting audit will measure your total use and also identify opportunities where you could reduce your consumption.

Not only are we able to offer a full audit of your current lighting, we can advise on the most suitable design layout and create a proposal to show paybacks that can be achieved with the resulting energy savings .

Why choose Greenlite Group?

At Greenlite Group we have completed commercial lighting projects in almost every market sector, helping many organisations make the switch to more energy efficient lighting. We look after over 9,000 sites across the UK, supported by our dedicated team of 30 engineers.

With an excellent track record of customer satisfaction, quality product sourcing and a flexible approach, we’re perfectly positioned to help you become the leading light in energy saving! We operate all of our services in-house from our HQ in Blackpool, where you are always welcome to visit or give us a call on 0844 880 2116.