Green showcase: Select Car Leasing

Steven Clarke
Principal, Select Car Leasing Preston

About us

We first started leasing vehicles in Lancashire back in 1994. The industry has undergone so much change since then, but our core values remain true: to source cars and commercial vehicles for our loyal customers at the very lowest prices possible.

Now we are ready to help our clients take the next step into the exciting world of electric motoring.

Our green initiatives

We fully support the government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. This clear, advance guidance means that the transition to electric cars is now a certainty.

We want to lead by example. Currently 50 per cent of our staff and directors already drive fully electric cars. Not only does it mean we are doing our bit for the environment right now, but we are also saving money on fuel and in tax.

Charging at home off-peak can reduce fuel costs by up to 80 per cent on average. The Benefit in Kind tax rate on pure electric cars is just two per cent. Going electric makes both environmental and financial sense.

Many people are confused about the different types of EV, where to charge, battery range, how much it will all cost, etc.

Via our website and expert, in-house leasing consultants, we try to dispel all the myths and present electric cars as they really are.

Now that we are part of the Select Car Leasing Group – the UK’s largest leasing broker – we can also offer these wonderful electric vehicles at the very keenest of prices.

Why it’s important to us

Climate change is a real and present danger. The science is unequivocal. All of my team feel the same way: thank goodness we are in an industry where we can make a difference.

Through our knowledge and expertise, every person we can get into an electric car is another step in the right direction. And it won’t be a linear progression – the UK public is pivoting more quickly than ever into electrified transport. It’s snowballing. The future looks bright.