Green showcase: Lancashire Business View

By Stephen Bolton
Commercial director, Lancashire Business View

About us

Lancashire Business View launched in 2005 as the magazine dedicated to reporting on commerce, industry and regeneration in the red rose county. As our readership has grown, so has our offering.

We now publish daily news on our website, run a regular programme of networking events and seminars both online and in person, and we’re the team behind the Red Rose Awards, Lancashire’s biggest business celebration.

What we’ve achieved

Our mission has always been to get Lancashire businesses talking to each other, with the goal of getting them buying from each other.

This year, we’re making an extra special effort to encourage organisations to improve their environmental credentials.

Through features such as this showcase, our new regular report supported by NatWest and our upcoming conference, we’re hoping to inspire our audience to take action, and to provide them with the tools and insight they need to take their next step.

The rewards

Going green makes sense. It saves money, it’s good for the planet, and it feels good to be part of a historic movement: we’re all pitching in together to make a positive difference.