Green collar jobs bonanza?

To paraphrase Joe Biden, when I hear the words climate change and innovation, I hear the word jobs - and I mean green jobs.

Lancashire leads in advanced manufacturing, so now is the time to jump on the net zero bandwagon - with Boris Johnson’s 10 point plan and COP26 focusing all of the attention on the low carbon agenda, let Lancashire truly Build Back Better.

There are coming opportunities to secure - commercialising cutting edge low carbon tech and bringing those jobs in for Lancashire - manufacturing new energy efficiency kit and renewable energy solutions.

But beyond that, we need to mobilise to train the army of installers needed to put those technologies into every business, industrial premises and residential property.

The drive is now on to find those groundbreaking technologies, match them to our manufacturing capabilities and utilise all the low carbon support we have locally to bring home to Lancashire all the net zero opportunities we can.

Use the Chamber Low Carbon team’s technology development support to help your innovation build, the AMRC and its low carbon demonstrator commitment to develop and showcase your product, and the RedCAT (Lancashire’s Centre for Alternative Technologies) capital funding to grow your capability to get it built.

The next step for Lancashire is to create the capacity to deliver those low carbon and green skills and drive their take up across the county, and campaign for further government investment to put decarbonisation at the heart of Lancashire’s advanced manufacturing for the next generation.

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