Glasgows produces film series for Environment Agency

Leyland based Glasgows has produced a series of informative films on the topic of water conservation on behalf of the Environment Agency.

The firm was commissioned to create ten Small Changes, Big Picture videos after winning a competitive tender.

The series is designed to both inform and encourage the public to make small changes at home in respect of caring for water, to get involved in local action groups and catchment partnerships, and to have their say in the agency's newly launched Challenges and Choices public consultation.

The series begins with an explainer film that introduces the concept, Managing Water in the Environment, with the subsequent films covering a series of topics including Plastic Pollution, Chemicals in the Water Environment and Climate Crisis.

Production of the films was in response to the Environment Agency’s desire to use film to tell their ‘water stories’ rather than relying so heavily on written words as they had previously. As the films feature on both Environment Agency TV on YouTube and on the Challenges and Choices online public consultation, this will promote a more engaging consultation that encourages the public to feel more connected to their local water and an understanding that if we all take care of our water on a local level, this really can impact our futures and our children’s futures.

We were looking for a production company to inject positivity to get at the heart of the fantastic stories that hefty processes can hide.

Louise Jones, a producer at Glasgows, said: “Whilst the films cover crucial topics, it was important that the tone was approachable, light-hearted and encouraging rather than dictatorial and so we ensured that the voiceover artist and all on-screen contributors interviewed came across as informative yet passionate about each cause, which was actually highly infectious when making the films, resulting in starting to make small changes at home myself – being cautious at what I pour down the sink as one example!

"The films support the audience in understanding how taking care of water at a local level, even following the simplest of measures, can make a real difference now and in the future."

Vicki Betts, senior technical specialist at the Environment Agency, said: “We were looking for a production company to inject positivity to get at the heart of the fantastic stories that the big documents and hefty processes can hide. The films have given us something we can be really proud of, not just as a consultation tool, but also as a reboot of the way we communicate with people about water."

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