Give Get channels online shopping profits to local charities

A new Lancashire organisation is helping businesses donate to good causes through an online shopping giant.

Give Get works with online shopping giant Amazon to give money back on purchases - up to 3 per cent of the shopping total - to local charities.

The system works on more than 153m of the site's products, but doesn't require any registration or downloads for the shopper.

Give Get estimates that there could be as many as 2,000 small charities within 15 miles of any business's postcode, and has devised the system to support them without any additional costs.

The company said: "Give Get is a great way to unleash the power of CSR. 44 per cent of the British public believe it is very important that a company shows a high degree of social responsibility when they buy a company’s product, and 86 per cent of consumers have a more positive image of a company that is seen to be doing something to make the world a better place." Companies interested in using the system to donate can find more information at and charities and voluntary organisations looking to benefit can register at