Gill Gardner

Name: Gill Gardner
Position: Corporate partner
Company: Brabners Chaffe Street

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Sadly I wanted to be lawyer just like my dad.

What was your first wage packet and how did you spend it?
I can’t remember how much it was. It will have been spent before I received it and quite possibly on something that also caused memory loss.

What does your day-to-day work involve?
Working on the legal process with clients to create strategic and workable solutions to achieve their business aims.

How do you unwind?
Running, cycling, socialising with friends and family.

Describe your dream, no-expense-spared, day out:
Ski, fondue, roaring fires.

Who is your all-time hero?
No-one in particular, though I greatly admire Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela for dignity in their struggle; and Richard Branson for doing it ‘his way’; oh and William Shakespeare and Salman Rushdie whose words I love; oh and Jonny Wilkinson for utter determination and great thighs.

What is your favourite piece of advice?
“If you think that you can or think that you can’t do a thing, you’re probably right.” (Henry Ford)
It’s my guide to a positive mental attitude.