Get your business bikini fit

It seems every magazine and newspaper out there currently has a feature to ensure we are all looking tip top and 100% gorgeous for the summer. But what about ensuring your business is tip top and 100% gorgeous too. Here are some common diet tips given out and how I think they can be used in business:

1. Weigh yourself weekly = What gets measured gets done
In the same way dieters keep track of their results on the scales a business should continually monitor its performance.

2. Eat well 80% of the time = The Pareto Principles 80/20 Rule
It’s easy to get carried away with the most demanding clients or toughest jobs. The Pareto Principle explains that you probably spend 80% of your time generating just 20% of your sales.

3. Attend regular meetings = Communication
Weightwatchers encourages regular meetings to improve bodily health, it’s a tough job to tell someone they are overweight and need to change. A good accountant can help you see the areas in your business that need to change and provide support for you to do it.

4. Have some treats = Reward yourself and staff
The best way to encourage success on a diet or in business is to include some rewards. It needn’t cost much, for example an early finish to watch the football could do wonders for team morale.

5. Crash diets don’t work = Don’t chase turnover
Don’t always go for short cuts. Losing 10 pounds in a week might seem impressive, but you are more likely to put it all back on again the month after. The same applies for business. Don’t spend your time chasing sales for arbitrary month end billing targets. Instead focus on the long game and ensure month on month you are growing.

Ultimately the best way to achieve that perfect body or perfect business is to plan ahead, work hard following the plan and get help along the way.

Sarah Sharples
FS Accountants