Get set for winter!

County coun Michael Green, cabinet member for economic development, environment and planning, said: "You can't control the weather, but you can prepare for it. Some very simple measures can make the difference between staying open and having to shut up shop.

"We're advising businesses to check their heating and roofing, stock up on grit and have the equipment ready to clear the car park and entrances when bad weather hits.

"The government has also issued advice on clearing snow and there's no law stopping you from clearing the pavement or public spaces outside your business."

The county council's role is to keep the county's roads as clear and safe as possible during the winter months and to minimise delays and accidents caused by bad weather. Gritting crews are on standby throughout the winter and grit the main routes ahead of freezing weather being forecast.

The council has updated its winter website with some handy hints for businesses at: