Get networking working for you

Helen RileyThere has never been a more appropriate time for you to hone your networking skills and make sure it is your business that is one of the ones to grow and prosper even in a challenging economic climate.

Now is the time to get out there and get networking as nothing will work more effectively for your business than communicating its strengths in a positive and receptive environment to people who are willing and eager to hear about it.

How valuable would it be to you and your business to be able to tap into a wide and diverse network of business contacts and people who are more than willing to help?

Sometimes just being around successful people in a positive environment can lift and inspire you to go and drive your business forward.

This is what networking is about. It is about building. Building relationships that are based on trust, building knowledge from a variety of sources and ultimately building self assurance and business confidence.

Networking should be part of your marketing strategy, now more than ever. It is cost effective and productive.

Through effective networking, contacts can be made that would take months with more traditional marketing methods such as advertising or direct mail.

At The Business Network Preston we provide a relaxed and focussed environment that allows key decision makers to meet and develop positive business relationships.

Our events are not about selling, it is about building contacts and getting people to know you, like you and trust you. Our members understand that the best way to get the most from your networking is to communicate in an effective and open way with both potential clients and suppliers.

The open networking at the beginning allows for a relaxed opportunity to chat around the room. However, when seated for a two course lunch, you are seated to a carefully constructed table plan providing the very best opportunity to develop those all important connections.

An educational pre lunch seminar gives an opportunity for members to showcase their expertise and experience while passing on valuable information to help attendees in their life and work.

Helen Riley, The Business Network.