Get Me Car Finance keeps customers motoring

A staggering 80 per cent of all car finance applications submitted are rejected by brokers.

To be accepted for the very best deals, applicants need a near spotless credit rating.  This means those with exceptionally poor credit are left unable to purchase or lease a vehicle.

Myles Cunliffe was determined to change this, and launched Get Me Car Finance (GMCF) to provide customers rejected elsewhere with affordable options.

GMCF’s team of experts will do everything possible to ensure clients are back on the road.

Most customers approved by one of GMCF’s broker facilities choose a 60-month deal to keep the payments as low as possible. Myles accepts their products are more expensive than the majority of deals on the market – but also include many benefits.

With GMCF’s leasing deals, customers do not have to worry about high settlement fees or the car depreciating into negative equity. They also have the option of swapping their vehicle every three years.

Customers can have complete confidence in GMCF – with all finance deals finalised and fully underwritten in-house.  The firm’s stringent income and affordability procedures mean clients have the peace of mind that they can comfortably meet the monthly repayments.

And every deal done by GMCF is fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Owner Myles is delighted that GMCF has helped hundreds of customers get back motoring.

He said: “If a buyer was rejected for credit that was pretty much the end of the deal.

“There was nowhere else in the market place for them to turn.

“I wanted to bring products to the market that helped those who had been declined.

“I wanted to give them the opportunity that no one else was giving them.”

Get Me Car Finance acquired its lending licence four years ago from the Financial Conduct Authority. The company can supply customers with a vehicle from either its own fleet or act as a broker to provide funds to purchase a car from elsewhere.

Myles added: “By finding customers finance, we are helping them in numerous different ways.

“It is repairing their credit scores, enabling them to get back on the road and giving them the opportunity to drive a vehicle that they can simply hand back at the end of the agreement.”

Myles accepts those with poor credit score face higher interest charges – but by spreading the payments over a five-year period, monthly fees are kept reasonable.

Myles said: “Sadly, those with poor ratings will have to pay higher interest charges but we endeavour to find them a deal where others have failed, and one which best suits their circumstances.

“Providing they have kept up with the payments, at the end of their deal, their credit rating should have improved and we can offer them with a much more attractive package.”

Get Me Car Finance’s genuine and transparent business model has resulted in many repeat customers.

“We just try to be honest with people and provide them with the best deal out there,” added Myles.

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