Generating organisational value by supporting staff fundraisers


Our family values are central to everything we do, even when it comes to supporting our staff members’ fund-raising for their chosen charity in their non-work time. We donate £100 to every member of the Swansway family who takes part in a fund-raising event, whether it means they're: soaking in a bath of beans; skydiving from the clouds; running a marathon; or completing a Tough Mudder event with friends and colleagues, we want to know and we want to help.

We have found that tremendous value can be created, cultivated and sustained for our organisation when we come together as a team to support each other in a way that extends beyond the workplace. It’s also a great opportunity for internal networking as we can connect with staff members we may not ordinarily see when we promote our staff’s fundraising efforts internally.

It’s time and money very well spent for us! We’d love to hear if you support your staff in their charity endeavours – please comment below

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