Futureproof your business with apprenticeships

At Blackpool and The Fylde College we deliver the support and expertise you’re looking for to help your business grow.

As businesses prepare to meet future challenges, having the right skills in the workplace has never been more important. Nurturing talent and upskilling is essential to build a stronger workforce for today and tomorrow.

Ranked in the top 20 UK apprenticeship training providers, B&FC powers apprenticeships that work for you. We offer a range of apprenticeships for all levels.

From traineeships for those with little or no work experience, all the way up to higher and degree-level apprenticeships. And we work with more than 1,800 employers from all sectors including management and project management, digital, construction, automotive, and engineering.

Hiring an apprentice can help grow your business by allowing you to train your employees in line with your business requirements, boosting productivity and competitiveness. As well as bringing new talent into your business, apprenticeships are a brilliant way to develop the skills of your current employees and train them in new areas, building your talent pool and increasing staff retention.

Developing employees through apprenticeships can have a positive impact on the morale of the workplace and generate a real return on investment. Upskilling your employees demonstrates you are willing to invest in their future and, as a result, your employees are likely to be more eager, motivated and loyal.

Apprenticeships are a brilliant way to build your talent pool and increase staff retention

With the extension to the government incentive scheme, now is the time for employers to take advantage of this and look at the ways in which apprenticeships can deliver the skills their workforce need now and in the future. Employers will receive £3,000, regardless of age, for each new apprentice they recruit before the end of January 2022.

This funding is in addition to the existing £1,000 paid for those 16 to 18 and those under 25 with an Education, Health and Care Plan. This means you could claim as much as £4,000 when you hire an apprentice.

At B&FC, we work in partnership with employers to ensure our training services meet your needs. Our programmes provide a highly skilled workforce that delivers a positive return on investment and help support your business objectives. You will be assigned a dedicated Apprenticeship Training Support Officer who will work with you to identify and fulfil all your training needs. We do the hard work for you – matching the right apprentice to the right role.


This year sees the first cohort of graduates from the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) at B&FC. The graduates from Lancashire County Council (LCC), started the apprenticeship in 2018.

The three-year course, delivered in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), is designed by industry for industry. Equipping employees with advanced knowledge and skills in management and leadership.

The apprenticeship team at LCC said: “Lancashire County Council have been working with Blackpool and The Fylde College for three years to deliver the Chartered Manager Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship. We have had 107 existing employees on the apprenticeship over seven groups.

“The adaptability of the programme has been a large contributing factor to the success of it, with a bespoke approach to delivery that meets the needs of the council. The popularity has grown and a number of our apprentices on this course have become ‘Apprentice Ambassadors’ to promote the benefits of the qualification to colleagues within the services and schools across Lancashire.

“Our apprentices report feeling supported by their tutors and feel the programme has seen an improvement of their knowledge, skills and behaviours in their role and would recommend this apprenticeship to others. We are pleased to hear that of our first group to complete the degree element of their apprenticeship, 75 per cent have achieved a first degree, accredited by Lancaster University.”


  • A top 20 apprenticeship training provider
  • From traineeships to higher and degree-level apprenticeships
  • We work with over 1,800 employers from all sectors

Training for the future starts now

If you’re ready to upskill your workforce or hire an apprentice, B&FC for Business will support you from start to finish. We offer a free and comprehensive consultation service, where we work with you to evaluate the skills gaps in your organisation and create tailored training solutions to upskill your employees and achieve your business objectives.

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