Fuel as a productivity tool workshop

Fuel as a Productivity Tool is a workshop for workplaces who are intrigued to know how they can make small changes to what goes in their body, to drive the productivity they can get out!

What you eat can have a profound effect on the way you perform both personally and professionally.

During this varied workshop you will explore: 

  • What is optimal productivity for you?
  • How does your current diet help or hinder your productivity?
  • What nutrients could enhance your performance?
  • Simple solutions to fast fuel in a busy world
  • Top 10 common mistakes and solutions to healthy productivity
  • Small steps specific to you, that will drive productivity

You will leave the workshop with a clear action plan make small steps to propel performance and productivity.

The workshops are delivered by Anna Reddy

With over 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working with a broad spectrum of Health Care Professionals, and in a wide range of therapy areas, I have a sound knowledge of delivering health solutions in many situations. I am also a qualified Nutritionist who is fascinated how food can have such a profound effect on prevention & management of our health.

For years I have gone against the grain by prioritising health to improve performance, and now this is becoming a societal norm. I have a huge enthusiasm for focussing on productivity and NOT the number of hours worked.

I will look forward to sharing “Fuel as a Productivity Tool”

Please contact anna@leaphealth.co.uk / 07815429855 to discuss how this could work for your workplace.