Free support available for manufacturers and importers to comply with new biocides regulation

A free Scoping Assessment service is available to North West companies to determine what they need to do to ensure that their biocidal products and treated articles comply with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

The new regulation, in force since 1st September 2013, not only affects manufacturers and importers of biocidal products, but also of treated articles; thus complying with the BRP has become an increasing issue for many industries.

Examples of treated articles include: - Mixtures such as paints and adhesives containing preservatives or articles that confer a disinfecting property such as surface wipes. - Articles that have been treated at an early stage in the manufacturing process e.g. the use of wood preservatives on a component of a finished wooden table. - Complex articles comprising a number of components e.g. where fabric preservative has been incorporated into a component of a car, the car itself would be considered a treated article. You may be affected by the BPR if: - You are an EU manufacturer or importer into the EU of products that contain pesticides, detergents, preservatives or other biocidal substances. - You manufacture or import a substance, mixture or article which has been treated with a biocidal product (treated article). - You are in the chemicals, paint, furniture, food, hygiene, preservatives or pest control industry. - You place biocidal active substances on the market in the EU, on their own or in biocidal products.

The Scoping Assessment contains a detailed guide of the main features of the BPR, and outlines whether your product is covered by the scope of the EU regulatory regime for biocides and, if so, clarifies the potential costs and steps to ensure your product is in compliance.

The assessment will be conducted by The REACH Centre, a leading international provider of technical and analytical services, regulatory advice and training in the field of chemicals management and risk assessment.

The offer is valid for North West companies from 1st June to 31st August 2014 and available for one product or article per company.