Frackers finished with Blackpool earthquake site

Cuadrilla Resources, the company exploring shale gas sites in and around Lancashire, has announced that it is pulling out of its Preese Hall site.

It is this test well which was linked to two minor earthquakes in Blackpool that caused government intervention.

The controversial process of extracting the shale gas, fracking, was later deemed safe enough to continue, however Cuadrilla says the Preese Road site has no future.

An Environment Agency study found it had high levels of sodium, chloride, bromide and iron, as well as elevated values of lead, magnesium, zinc chromium and arsenic compared with the local mains water.

Cuadrilla said: "As part of its ongoing evaluation of its exploration sites in Lancashire, Cuadrilla has today announced that no further work will take place at its Preese Hall site, near Weeton.

"The company will apply for an extension to the current planning permission, in order to allow time to seal the well and return the site to its former condition." The company had previously announced an end to operations at Anna's Road site in St Annes.