FPC welcomes local community to opening of newly refurbished offices

Ainsdale-based Chartered Financial Planners, The Financial Planning Corporation (FPC) celebrated the re-opening of its refurbished and extended offices with some of the local community groups that the firm has supported over the years, together with members of the Ainsdale business community. 

An integral part of the local community for over 20 years, FPC provides financial planning and independent investment advice to a host of successful business owners, senior executives and personal investors across the region and the UK, helping them to plan and control their future.

Bucking the Covid trend

Like many businesses, the FPC team was forced to work from home during the pandemic but even with the option to continue working from home (WFH) or to follow hybrid arrangements, the FPC team all agreed that there is just no technology-driven substitute for face-to-face contact with clients who are making life-changing financial decisions.

Extended and refurbished space

During the latest lockdown, FPC’s workspace has been more than doubled in size and with more space for additional parking and even EV charging facilities. The office is now a spacious and modern place to work and meet, offering a more secure environment where social distancing measures remain in place for the time being.

Local community VIPs

Last year, the firm launched The FPC Foundation in partnership with the Community Foundation for Lancashire and Merseyside (CFLM), to support local community groups, organisations and charities.  The Foundation’s primary aim is to fund projects that support financial education/inclusion, intergenerational activities and social mobility. However, during its first year, the focus was on emergency funding to support some of the most vulnerable members of our local community in response to the impact of Covid.

The team decided to celebrate the opening of the new offices with some of the groups that The Foundation has supported since its inception, making them all VIPs for the afternoon.

Speaking at the office launch event, Moira O’Shaughnessy, managing partner of FPC commented: “In 2022 we will have been helping our clients to secure and protect their future for 40 years and for over half of that time, we have been part of the Ainsdale community.

Our investment in the building, together with our IT infrastructure and the continued expansion of the team underpins our commitment to FPC’s long term future.  We’ve built a solid, sustainable business that we’re all proud to work for as we enter our 40th year.  None of this could have been done without the help of our clients, partners and the patience of the local community over the last 18 months so we thought we should raise a glass to them!”

The FPC Community Open Day is the first in a series of events which will be taking place throughout 2022 when the firm celebrates its 40th year.