Four rules for great videos

We're well into the New Year and you are worried because you haven’t put any videos on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook (pause for breath) or Twitter yet. 

While it’s tempting to grab the phone and record yourself talking about something - anything - our advice would be to stop, and take some time to do a bit of planning.  

It’s a proven fact that video is an incredibly powerful tool to help promote a business, but the video content, and its look and feel, must be engaging, relevant to the audience and produced in a way that won’t damage your brand.

It’s better to have no video, than video that doesn’t give off the right impression for your company and what you stand for.

So, whether you are doing a selfie video on your phone or you are employing the services of a production company to create your content, follow these four rules and you won’t go far wrong:

It’s better to have no video, than video that doesn’t give off the right impression
  1. Ask ‘What do we want people to think and do once they have seen the content?’
  2. Will the videos be pushed onto viewers through social media or pulled in from a website?
  3. How does the content need to look and feel to validate the message we are wanting to deliver?
  4. And do we have a ‘broadcast’ strategy to get the content onto the various platforms our audience will use, and then track its success?

By following these steps to craft, hone and then utilise your content, your videos will be in great commercial shape and completely fit for purpose for 2020.

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