Four business energy myths costing you money

Myth #1 - It’ll be cheaper for me to just go directly with the supplier: From our experience, this is very rarely the case.

Next time you’re looking to renew, try comparing your supplier’s offer with a deal sourced from a consultant, you’d be surprised at the potential savings on offer.

Myth #2 - Switching isn’t worth it, it’ll be far too time-consuming for me: Here’s the beauty of working with energy procurement consultants: They do the hard work for you. All you’ll need to do is choose which option is best for you and they’ll process the paperwork on your behalf ready for you to sign, allowing you get on with what you do best: running your business.

Myth #3 - My premises are small, so it’s pointless carrying out an energy audit: An energy audit isn’t just for big businesses. It doesn’t matter what size your premises is, save money.

Myth #4 - I must wait until my current contract is nearing expiry before sourcing a new deal: No matter how long is left on your current deal, you are entitled to negotiate a new contract. Once you’ve agreed terms and signed on the dotted line, your new tariff will go live immediately following the completion of your current term.

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