Forum of Private Business teams up with Mente

Preston-based Mente has been appointed as the mental health partner of the Forum of Private Business.

FPB has a UK-wide membership of more than 30,000 businesses, most employing between one and 50 employees, which look to it for help managing employees, time-saving advice and support.

Working in partnership with Mente, it will offer employers policy, education and guidance services related to mental health and wellbeing. Mente provides educational tools, diagnostics and an audit trail. Its courses have been developed by a team of professionals from the mental health and compliance sectors and have gained CPD accreditation.

Employees of member businesses will get access to resources to help them understand mental health, as well as pathways to gaining support for issues including debt management, bereavement and addictions. Mente will also provide access to thousands of mental health professionals.

FPB will initially work alongside Mente to ensure a smooth onboarding process with the plan to fully integrate the platform into its existing product range by 2020.

Mel Joseph, founder and managing director of Mente, said: "Mente is about early intervention and empowering employees to take responsibility for their own health. We work with occupational health, mental health and EAP providers to ensure all services are closely aligned to get employers and their people quick access to support.

Mente is about early intervention and empowering employees to take responsibility for their own health.

"Alongside this, the employer has an audit trail clearly tracking the support they have provided to add a layer of evidence in cases of litigation and the huge increased level of workplace tribunals caused by mismanagement of employee welfare."

Ian Cass, managing director of FPB, said: “Mente will help employers to remain compliant while ensuring their employees remain healthy.

"Business landscapes have changed over the years and so to have the needs of employers along with employees. The wellbeing of members of staff within businesses is important and we are working with Mente to offer their services to our members.  We look forward to developing a long-standing relationship with Mel and her team."

“No one else in the market is delivering this type of risk-based solution specifically aimed at mental health and we believe this powerful tool will provide comprehensive data to allow businesses to fully understand the impact and associated costs of illness on their bottom line."