Former BP boss discusses future of engineering

Lord John Browne, the former CEO of BP, discussed the future of engineering at an event hosted by BAE Systems at its Warton site.

Lord Browne, who published his book Make, Think, Imagine earlier this year, discussed 'the creativity and boldness of engineers' and their importance at a time where intelligent engineered systems are becoming more prevalent. He also advised young engineers starting their careers to focus on one discipline, becoming an expert in one thing before broadening their skillset.

The event opened up a debate about inspiring the next generation of Lancashire engineers and equipping them with the right skills.

Lord Browne and a panel of BAE representatives then answered questions from the audience, with the engineering giant's Tempest concept model providing the backdrop.

Dave Holmes, manufacturing director for air, discussed how aerospace engineering principles later become the systems and technologies we experience every day. Andrew Kennedy, campaigns director of BAE Systems, discussed the the Tempest Future Concept programme, saying it will 'bring engineering to life' for the next generation.

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