Former apprentice buys Preston printing company

A former apprentice has completed the acquisition of the printing company that first hired him more than 30 years earlier.

KaymarMark Brindle joined Kaymar Print as a print apprentice in 1982 and worked his way up through the company as screen printer, screen print supervisor, litho print manager, estimator and general manager before completing a management buyout this summer which saw him installed as managing director.

However, though Brindle had been in line to take the reins for some time, the path to the top was far from straightforward. In 2008, the previous owners decided they needed to make a quick sale due to a family illness. Brindle wasn’t equipped to take charge and the business was suffering from falling sales.

The company was bought by North West business acquisition specialists MasterObjective. The first duty was to rebrand and begin a marketing campaign, before investing in modern technology and refreshing outdated processes.

Meanwhile, Brindle was given the opportunity to study management practices, enrol on the LEAD business leadership course and was given mentoring by a variety of specialists.

Finally, this summer, he was able to prove to himself and to the financiers that he was able to take charge of the business. In the meantime, thanks to MasterObjective’s handling, Kaymar had also returned to profitability.

Mark Brindle said: “Without doubt, Kaymar Print wouldn’t exist if MasterObjective hadn’t come along. The company had been in the same ownership since the 1970s and we hadn’t kept up with changes in printing and technology. Things had really moved on without us. It needed forward thinking, investment and a real shake-up, which is what they brought.

“Taking Kaymar on was always part of the plan. I've been involved right from the beginning - but I couldn't have done it without their support. They came in, gave the business focus and as a result profitability is up.” Paul Bailey, managing director of MasterObjective, said: “We have taken a company in decline, stabilised it, built a strategy for growth and given Mark the support to satisfy himself and the bank that he’s got the skills to run his own business. We are delighted that he has been able to fulfil a long-time ambition and wish him the best of luck.”