Five reasons why SMEs are choosing Office 365

As a forward-thinking business owner, one of your main priorities should be to ensure that your employees remain consistently productive, persistently protected and equipped with the tools needed to help them succeed at all times.

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Thankfully, by taking one of the most widely used and well-respected business programmes in the world and modifying it to suit the ever-evolving cloud environment we now live in, Microsoft Office 365 offers a perfect solution that promises to satisfy each of these demands accordingly.

Enhanced Mobility

Picture a world without restriction, a world where you can come and go as you please without having to worry about leaving anything behind as you make your way to that crucially important client meeting or staff presentation.

With Office 365, users are able to instantly save Office files and documents online and retrieve them on any compatible device, at any time they are needed and in any location that suits them, providing there is sufficient Internet access available.

Cost-Effective Solution

At the bottom line of every business decision, profit margins and overall ROI are crucially important factors that play a critical part in determining whether a strategy will result in failure or success.

By removing the need to purchase and perform multiple disc installations on separate computers, Office 365 offers a flexible, subscription-based solution that promises to deliver enterprise-grade services at a price that even the smallest of businesses can afford.

Enterprise Grade Collaboration

If success in business all depends on how well your employees are able to communicate both internally and externally, why would you choose to limit yours?

Offering a rich set of capabilities including industry leading-email powered by Exchange online, flexible team collaboration services, and one-click voice and video conferencing with Lync Online, Office 365 promises to deliver so much more than the traditional software.

Failsafe Security

When you take into consideration that trustworthiness and reliability are two of the main attributes a customer looks for when choosing to do business with a new company, ensuring that you can deliver these qualities to your customer with confidence is of the utmost importance.

By offering an entire network of highly sophisticated, cutting-edge Microsoft data centres to host and store your company’s information, you can rest assured that the security of both you and your clients will never be jeopardised.

Instant Familiarity

One of the main concerns business owners experience when choosing to update software is the effect it will have on the productivity rates of staff members who are unfamiliar with how to use the programme.

By retaining the traditional Office interface and delivering cloud-modified versions of programmes employees have been using for years, no further training is required and employee productivity can continue without costly interruption.

Want to know more? If you’re interested in learning more about what Microsoft Office 365 can do to help improve the communication and performance of your business, or would like further information on any of the point mentioned throughout this article, then please feel free to contact one of Denwa’s Microsoft Specialists on 0330 333 7323 and they’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.