Five reasons why email marketing generates high ROI

Email marketing achieves the second highest ROI of all the digital marketing techniques, only falling short behind SEO.

Amy Birch WiredBy Amy Birch, campaign manager, Wired Marketing.

According to eConsultancy for every £1 spent on email, around £24 is returned. So what is it that makes this 40 year old communication technique so powerful in today’s marketing world?

1  It’s mobile

Email allows you to reach your contacts wherever they are. According to Pew Research 52% of mobile users access email on their device, meaning your message can be seen by more people, even when they aren’t sat at their desktop.

2  It’s easy to keep contacts informed

Contacts will often seek out campaigns from their favourite brands to stay up to date. There is real value in staying connected to contacts through a medium that can be personalised based on their information or purchase history.

3  Email supports sales on and offline

Sending brand awareness campaigns supports your sales efforts without directly selling too forcefully to contacts. By sending brand-focused campaigns, such as newsletters, contacts will be more likely to recognise your brand and will think of your company the next time they are in the market for a particular product.

4  It’s easily customisable

The versatility of email allows marketers to create designs ranging from the very simple, to the very complex. The use of personalisation, dynamic content based on the consumer’s data, surveys and microsites ensures your emails can be customised to a targeted group of contacts based on their needs.

5  It’s accessible

You may have heard the phrase ‘email is dead’, but the fact is most people have at least one email address, and as such are a perfect target for your campaigns. By sending the correct types of emails to the correct people at the right time can be a lucrative form of marketing for the vast majority of businesses. Email marketing can generate a fantastic return on investment when campaigns are targeted effectively. As mobile marketing grows in importance, combined with the need for more personalised marketing messages, email marketing will continue to grow and produce a healthy ROI for your business.