First impressions count as much online as off

Since Covid-19 turned us all into tech gurus, the world of business start-ups has radically changed.

Eye contact, a good firm handshake and making sure you don’t spill your coffee are networking tips from a bygone time. So, we all know making a first impression is key, but if we’re not meeting people face to face how do we make the right first impression?

The ‘real life’ first impressions are just that, and in many cases your emoji or ‘online self’ has already done a virtual meet and greet with that prospective client. Many start-ups set out and the first thing they want to do is get cracking and get the word out there about their new venture is, and this is exactly what they should do, but second, not first.

So before a start-up gallops out of the gates, they need to do searches on Google and social media on both their company and themselves personally to see what comes up.

Separating your private and business emoji in most cases is a sensible approach, ensuring that your X-Factor audition video filmed in the kitchen is only visible to your friends and Simon Cowell... not potential clients.

Google My Business is also used more often than people think, so if your company is registered at home or an unrelated address to your business it can set off alarm bells.

And when accompanied by a mobile number not a landline, it can be the difference between a winning and losing business without you even getting the chance to show how good you are.

In many cases your ‘online self’ has already done a virtual meet and greet

At Cotton Court we have a number of cost effective ways to make sure your emoji makes the right first impression. Speak to us to see how we can tailor something to your business, or visit As for your X Factor audition, you’re totally on your own!

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