First impressions

You walk through your reception area every day, but when was the last time you stopped and saw it as your clients would?

Does your reception create the right impression? Is it a place where people feel confident about spending money with you? Does it represent the business you are now, or the one that created the reception space perhaps several years ago? In short, is it time for a refresh?

So many companies spend money in the boardroom and executive offices, which can often be hidden from client view, while forgetting that the most important place is the area that clients see first and where they form their initial impressions.

By using bright fabrics and co-ordinating with carpet tiles, window blinds, wood finishes and paintwork, you can transform your reception area, without spending a fortune, into a welcoming area and one where customers will be given the confidence to work with you.

And don’t forget the simple things – do you have fresh point of sale material available? Are there wall displays or newspaper clippings in a binder to tell visitors more as they wait?

A few tired old magazines on a stained coffee table might not be noticed by you or your staff as you wander past every day. But a customer will notice, and their impressions of you start the moment they open the door. Make them good ones.

Bev Mercer