Finding your team’s hidden super powers

In a crisis, change is inevitable. Business owners must make tough decisions to keep the business going. 

While pivoting, making redundancies or restructuring may be required, it has the potential to cause major disruption, loss of productivity and absences among your team members. But it also presents the opportunity to discover their hidden talents.

When making changes to people's roles while decreasing numbers (for example, merging two positions together) it is critical that you identify the best person for the role by understanding what they’re naturally good at and enjoy.

When someone is doing a role or tasks that they are naturally talented in they are successful, happy, engaged, super productive and create a huge amount of value. 

Communication is key to the success of the changes. The leader of the business may not know what talents their employees have outside of what they have been doing in their normal role. 

We use a business tool called Talent Dynamics when supporting our clients with role changes and recruitment. Once you know where an individual’s talents lie, you can then hold a discussion with them and create a role that will give the employee job satisfaction while the company also sees a quicker return. 

Identify the best person for the role by understanding what they’re naturally good at and enjoy.

Let me give you an example at LHR. Our office manager looks after the team, administration and payroll. Me? I’m a blaze energy, I’m great at building relationships, networking, supporting people. I’m not so great at organisation, detail work or spreadsheets. 

Every year I had to take three to four days out of my diary to complete a years’ worth of mileage receipts. Every year I said I would do it monthly. It completely takes me out of my flow completing these types of tasks, drains my energy and I’m easily distracted. 

The first responsibility I gave to our office manager was my expenses. After two months I asked her if they had gone to the accountant, as she hadn’t mentioned it. She gave me a strange look which meant: “Why wouldn’t they have gone?” 

It’s a job she gets satisfaction from. We all have different energies and when we play the game to our energy, we are more successful. Equally I would not ask her to attend a networking event, that would put fear into her.

My top tips

Involve your team in the changes, ask them what their “super powers” are. What do they enjoy the most? Ask three things they want to keep in their role and three things they would like to lose. What gives them the most energy, the tasks that make the time fly by? What drains their energy and makes them easily distracted and lethargic, what keeps moving down the priority list?

If you want to know more about Talent Dynamics or need some support please call for me for a free confidential discussion.

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