Fat Media inspired by data for MSC's new look

Fat Media has joined forces with the Medical Schools Council to give the organisation a new visual identity based on interconnected data.

The Medical Schools Council, which represents the interests and ambitions of UK medical schools, called on the Lancaster digital agency for a new look and a new website.

In addition to a visual overhaul, the worked allowed MSC to give an identity to its new sub groups MSC Assessment Alliance, the MSC Selection Alliance, and the MSC Electives Committee.

The new look is based on chord graphs, which are used in genomics and brain mapping. Chord diagrams now run through the council’s logos, collateral and sub brands. David Adams, head of brand consultancy at Fat Media, explained: “The concept of chord graphs to create a new look for MSC has created a really stand out brand. The foundation for the rationale has been that genomes and chord graphs encompass all of medicine, as does MSC as an organisation.

Edward Knight, senior communications officer at MSC added: “We wanted a visual identity which shows the connectedness we help foster between medical schools. The results capture this brilliantly. MSC aspires to data-driven policy making, so we love the idea of a marque which is not so much drawn as it is generated from data."