Fagan & Whalley listed in the Forbes Reinvention and Resilience Top 50 Report

The annual Reinvention and Resilience Top 50 Report from Lancashire-based law firm, Forbes Solicitors has returned. Recognising the efforts taken by businesses across the Northwest to diversify, innovate, and remain resilient post-pandemic, the report features a number of homegrown businesses from Burnley and beyond, including ourselves, and our community partner, Blackburn Youth Zone

“Last year, when we published this report for the first time, many companies were in the eye of the storm,” says chief executive at Forbes Solicitors, Oliver Burton. “They switched their business models overnight and found new ways of working, while protecting their teams, with many helping tackle the public health challenge. The level of resilience was admirable. 

“As the business world begins to move into the next chapter, it’s clear that these leaders have made some big decisions. Their companies will emerge from this period looking very different. They will be better prepared for the future and the challenges they will face. But I also know that many people still have their sleeves rolled up. They have been working hard to shore up their operations and look after their people. To change a business once in two years is a lot, but to change again and again is unprecedented. 

“I’m proud of what has been achieved and I’d like to congratulate all of the companies in the list this year, one of which is Fagan & Whalley. This sixth-generation family business, based in the heart of Lancashire, weathered the initial impact of the pandemic and continued to supply goods across the UK, appearing in our 2020 Top 50 as a result. An aftershock of COVID and Brexit has been a sector-wide shortage of Class 1 and 2 HGV drivers. Determined to address this head-on, Fagan & Whalley launched its Future-bound Scheme to help car drivers work towards their professional driving qualifications by learning in a small truck with the functionality of a full-size lorry. Already showing early signs of success, this firm focus on talent and training is likely to prove key to driving Fagan & Whalley’s long-term success.” 

“We’re excited to have made the Forbes Top 50 list. It’s great to be acknowledged amongst some very well-known and successful local businesses, and to be recognised for the efforts we’re continuing to make to help with improving the current climate within the logistics industry,” says F&W business strategy director, Sam Fagan 

“Resilience is a key part of who we are and what we’re all about. Our heritage spans almost a century, and we’ve faced a number of challenges over the years, not least of all the recent pandemic, in combination with the political turbulence post-Brexit, which has brought about its own set of obstacles. 

“As a company, we’re aware of the challenges facing the industry and we’re committed to taking a proactive approach in tackling them as best we can in our internal processes and our plans for future business development. 

“The concern about driver shortages is something that already existed pre-COVID and pre-Brexit, but it’s a concern which has since grown and become more prevalent. One of the ways we’re seeking to address this is by continuing to invest in our fleet and our people, by regularly upgrading our vehicles and offering increased employee benefits which better support the physical health and mental wellbeing of our team. 

“We recognise that the issue with driver shortages will not be fixed overnight and that the processes we’re currently implementing cannot be the end of our efforts. They are, however, a step in the right direction, and we hope that others within our industry will be encouraged to take a proactive approach in tackling the challenges we’re all currently facing.”

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Image Credits: Forbes Solicitors