Expos lead to major growth for North West promotional company

Creating brand awareness is crucial for any business, and one increasingly popular route to achieve this is though attending expos and events. They’re a great way to meet your target audience, all under one roof.

It can, however, prove challenging for organisations to stand out in a busy exhibition, with potentially hundreds of businesses all vying to get the attention of visitors.

Of course it is essential to have powerful branding on an exhibition stand and an approachable and friendly team to grab visitors’ attention, but what many companies are now turning to is promotional merchandise, not just to attract visitors to their stand, but also remind them of their company once they have left the event.

Promotional merchandise specialists, Marketing Incentives have found a huge number of local businesses have been extremely keen to create an impact and increase their brand presence with both customers and prospects.

Chris Naylor, director of Marketing Incentives commented, “Events are all about building brand image and any promotional products should reflect the brand values and company ethos. We spend time talking to businesses about their culture and so ensure any products we recommend are right for their business.”

Chris continued, “I think businesses are realising the impact promotional products can achieve for them. The fact that they stay with a prospect long after the event is over makes them an extremely appealing proposition for our customers. The major growth of our customer base clearly reflects this; 35% growth this year due to customers attending expos.”

Marketing Incentives will be supporting a large proportion of organisations exhibiting at the Lancashire Business Expo at the Guild Hall on 17th April, which already has over 2,000 visitors registered, as well as the Bolton Expo on 15th May which promises to be a key event for local businesses. With Expos expanding at a rapid pace, Chris and his team are busy sourcing inspirational products for a huge variety of organisations across the Northwest and increasingly across the UK, and have subsequently set up new offices in Manchester and London.