Expert view: Has your website lost Google rankings?

On May 23rd, Google introduced Penguin 2.0, changing the way the popular search engine views your website. Ignition's Andy Chemney gives us the lowdown.

AndyChemneyThe introduction of Penguin 2.0 is a significant update to the way Google ranks its websites. As a result, many websites have lost rankings. To ensure this doesn't happen to yours, here's eight things you need to know:

Authority is good. Google wants to help sites become an authority in their niche. Use Google's Author Rank to help you do this.

Anchor text. If the majority of the anchor text that is linking to you is keyword rich, Google will smell a rat and is likely to lower your rankings. Clean up and diversify your anchor text.

Links. Google penalises you for your 'unnatural' or 'artificial' links. So check the sites that are linking to you (use - it's free) and remove any bad links. Don't ever buy links.

Cheap SEO. It's cheap for a reason. Avoid!

Content. Focus on creating really good quality content aimed at your target audience and you can't go wrong.

Aplify your content. By using relevant social media tools, share what you've created.

Build quality. Make sure your site is built correctly to start with - it will save you hours of frustration later on.

Work with a reputable agency who can give you solid advice and guidance.

Andrew Chemney Managing Director Ignition CBS